Buying Property in Abruzzo

I can help you to find and buy your dream italian property in Abruzzo (or nearby)

Property Care and Maintenance

I will take care of your property and pay the bills in your absence.

Translation Services

Linguistic support and translation in any situation and for all documents.

Administrative Support

I will take care and support you doing all the needed paperwork.

GatewayAbruzzo - Property Services in Abruzzo

It’s not easy to live in a country that you love but whose language you cannot speak; GatewayAbruzzo property services can help you to overcome this gap. 

Therefore my main task will be to bridge the language gap between your language and the Italian language in any situation you may find yourselves in, allowing you to live the Italian dream without any stress.


I offer customizable property management services that fit your needs, covering things such as house cleaning, bill payments, restoration, additions and swimming pool maintance.

I can help you finding and buying your dream italian property here in Abruzzo and manage it properly when your are away. 

My unique expertise in this field ishigh, I have the experience, the know-how  and the contacts to help you achieving your goals. 

Property Search and Property Buy

To be introduced to Professional Licensed Real Estates to purchase your dream Italian property amongst the vineyards, cheese makers and local markets of this amazing region of Italy.

I can help you to find your ideal property in Abruzzo. New buildings, restored buildings or properties to restore.

We organize viewing trips and advanced property evaluation.

Property Restoration and Maintenance

Arranging professional and trade contacts for the restoration or maintenance of your property.

Effect maintenance and repair jobs to ensure house is maintained in good condition or arrange builders, plumbers or electricians as required.

If your house has a swimming pool, I can arrange regular pool cleaning, chemical checks and technical maintenance or repairs if and where necessary.

Property Care and Security Checks

I will take care of your house in Abruzzo in your absence. Checking regularly the House by weekly or monthly visits; arranging any maintance work like gardening or house cleaning.

I can monitor heating systems, security alarms, doors & windows in order to foresee any issues that may arise such as power outages, burst pipes and break-ins.

Home Utilities and Services

To connect your water, gas and light utilities, phone and internet broadband.

I can check on your post or have it redirected, manage payment of utility bills, insurance and local taxes, ensuring that bills are paid on time and effectively.

Producing frequent financial overviews regarding the property (cost/rental income);

Italian Bureaucracy

Getting your Codice Fiscale (Italian Fiscal Code) and Italian Bank Account.

Help you with Italian taxes, fees and fines and make it easy for you to navigate the local laws and customs.
Advanced Consultancy.

Liaising with local accountant and owner concerning all standard tax issues regarding the property

Translation and Documents

Translation of legal documents and correspondence; arranging and tranlsate a Will.

For those that want to rent their property, I can offer a qualified service to ensure compliance with local administrative requirements and several services to manage it from abroad

Help with Medical Assistance

To help you with Medical Assistance and Health Insurance.

Car Rental or AirPort PickUp
Driving License Conversion

I can provide all the needed support to rent a car before your arrival or arrange pick-up and return to airport.

Conversion of you Car Driving License.