Buying Property in Abruzzo

I can help you to find and buy your dream italian property in Abruzzo (or nearby)

Property Care and Maintenance

I will take care of your property and pay the bills in your absence.

Translation Services

Linguistic support and translation in any situation and for all documents.

Administrative Support

I will take care and support you doing all the needed paperwork.

Property Management Services in Abruzzo

Having acted as an interpreter I quickly understood that all overseas customers who decided to come and visit Italy, found themselves (being introduced to local Real Estate Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors, Engineers, builders, etc.) experiencing a lot of bureaucratic and linguistic difficulties, which I helped them to face and solve. The idea of creating “Gateway Abruzzo -Property Managament Services” came to my mind.

With many local contacts I now find myself in the situation that I can offer my property management services to you by offering specialized assistance and guidance for everyone who has bought or is considering to purchase a property in Abruzzo.

The dream of Buying you Property in Abruzzo begins by the introduction to local licensed estate agents, solicitors, notaries, builders or any other people required. If your need becomes selling, renting or renovating your house in Abruzzo, I can assist you with paperwork and linguistic mediation 

I have the required experience to provide efficient linguistic assistance covering a wide range of matters and situations.

I can offer easy access to local services: as someone who speaks the local language, understands the local laws and customs and knows local tradespeople and service providers whose standards are high. I can offer familiarity with financial services, comfortable dealing with banking institution and local government offices.

As a graduate of foreign languages, I speak English and Italian fluently. Besides I speak German and Spanish as well.

As an independent local professional specialized in property managament services, who is sensitive to the budget of clients, I  can offer competitive rates for property management services and translation. 

I can furthermore ensure your property or business to be in the hands of a trusted friend.

With my English linguistic passion and cultural knowledge I am able to help you through any difficulties relating to your life in Abruzzo.

Gateway Abruzzo will provide assistance through the whole purchasing / selling process and aftercare when people are familiarizing themselves with utilities, local building regulations, restoration, rental service, etc.


Property Management Services in Abruzzo

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