Anna was far more knowledgeable and professional than anyone

Over the last few years I have attempted to get in contact and make a working relationship with many of the agents in order to buy a house.
In truth it has been overall disheartening. I have had two trips and hoped to co-ordinate my schedule before arriving which sadly seemed almost impossible.
One person I made contact with however was Anna Palmieri (Gateway Abruzzo) who works as a translator and English speaking consultant and is also fully conversant with the law in regards to buying and selling. She is not an agent and clearly she is not in the persuasive game in order to lure some extra fee. She is however in my opinion most suited as an impartial individual to provide the most accurate information. I had a list of houses which I had earmarked all of which she either knew, knew of or knew the history and why it was for sale. Her intimate knowledge eliminated some of the houses immediately saving me days of what would have been wasted time.
She was far more knowledgeable and professional than anyone I had been in contact with over the last three/four years. I read many of the posts in regard to house purchase but in dealing with Anna we had a most fantastic stress-free experience and look forward to our return in a house sourced through her extremely capable hands.
Steve and Joy, New Zealand

Created by Andrea Poidomani