Will you have a coffee?

Please, will you have a ...

Caffè espresso = classical coffee - in small cup

Caffè in vetro = classical normal coffee - in small glass

Caffè ristretto = typical Italian very short "caffè espresso" - in small cup

Caffè corretto = "caffè espresso" + some alcoholic drinks - in small cup

Caffè macchiato = "caffè espresso" plus some milk - in small cup

Caffè lungo = long "caffè espresso" - in small cup

Caffè decaffeinato = "caffè espresso" without caffein usually named DEK - in small cup Cappuccino = "caffè espresso" + milk - in big cup

Marocchino = "caffè espresso" plus milk cream, cocoa powder - in small glass with handle Latte macchiato = milk with some coffe, in glass

Created by Andrea Poidomani