Who is the Notary?

The official appointed to handle a property sale is a public notary (NOTAIO) who in Italy acts for both the vendor and the purchaser. The notaio is a representative of the state whose duty is to register all contracts, deeds, and titles in the appropriate registry office, and collect all appropriate taxes and duties on behalf of the state, and is responsible, if in default, for making good any deficit out of his own pocket. A Notaio's office is a very serious place and much dignity and prestige is attached to his profession. Be sure to bring all your documents and passports and not be late! The buyer has the right to choose the notary. Not many notaries speak English - despite the high academic qualifications that are required to be a notaio, so you need an interpreter if you do  not speak Italian. They often have their trusted Interpreter they introduce to you. By law, the Notary must be sure that you understand Italian so that you can understand what you are signing in the contract. This is the reason why, sometimes, you are recommended to nominate a power of attorney: someone who understand Italian and you trust in who can sign for you. This proxy document can be done at notaio's office or in an Italian consulate anywhere. You need a valid Passport and the Italian tax code (codice fiscale).

A professional, serious and honest notaio is able to give you a precise quote when you show him the Cadastral papers (visura catastale) of the propety to buy. So you can ask him to sign the requested quote!

Created by Andrea Poidomani