What about a "Visura Catastale"?

It is a document issued by the "Agenzia del Territorio (Catasto)", and proper offices can print a copy for you. It contains the main data of a building or land throughout the country. The property's data are: urban section, sheet, parcel and subordinate reference to the City; the land category, class, consistency and profit; various notes. The property is identified by a sheet, parcel (or mappale) and subordinate of the City Halls in the case of buildings and sheet-particel (or mappale) if it is land. The title search is also visible on the cadastral income of the property and cadastral income for land, which is useful for the calculation of income tax and local taxes such as local property tax. There is also the name of the owner, or tenant of any property. When you wish to buy a property, obtain some basic information and documentation. It is important to  check local land registry searches, and all necessary checks with the local authorities (Comune), as far as local planning and building regulations and restrictions are concerned. This work is usually undertaken by a local surveyor (Geometra). The Notaio (Public Notary) gives you assistance in this matter too since if these searches reveal any problems, the sale cannot be legally completed and only the Notary can understand if any propblem has been hidden by the Vendor. On the other hand, the Geometra checks property borders, planning permission,  any work or extensions done, and possible taxes paid. So beware!

Created by Andrea Poidomani