Twenty-two years ago

Thanks to Facebook I was able to found out the family that gave me hospitality in 1989, the first time I was in UK and precisely in OXFORD. I was so excited. It was the 26 July 1989, my first flight too! I wanted to drive their car (according to the guest-seat I was used in Italy) and I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to their youngest daughter Lucy and I said MERRY CHRISTAMS ... I wanted to eat their dog since the Madame asked me if I liked DUCKS but I misunderstood the pronunciation so I understood that she was asking me if I liked DOGS and since it was lunch time, we were in the kitchen and a good smell was coming out from the oven ... I understood she was asking me if  I liked ducks .. so my reply was "I've never eaten them, but I can try ..." Generel laughing around. Thanks Facebook!

Created by Andrea Poidomani