TOSON D'ORO in Vasto 7th August 2016

30th Edtion, in the City of Vasto (CH):Toson d’Oro

It is the historical parade of the arrival in Vasto in 1723 of the Conestabile Sir Fabrizio Colonna to be given the necklace of the Toson d’Oro by the Marquis of Vasto Sir Cesare Michelangelo D’Avalos.

On the Sunday evening, the historical parade, with people wearing XVIII cen. costumes, will parade along the Historical Centre streets at the arrival of two splendid coaches with black horses. In the meanwhile at Palazzo d’Avalos there will be the performance of the rite “Collazione all’Ordine del Toson d’Oro” to the Prince Sir Fabrizio Colonna by the Marquis Cesare Michelangelo d’Avalos representing the Emperor Carlo VI of Hapsburg. You can enjoy also a sort of "show at Court" at d’Avalos Palace Gardens: dances and sword fighting of fire with the flag-wavers and singers.

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Created by Andrea Poidomani