Today, the nougat is one of the most popular Christmas cakes in Italy but you can find it abroad too!. The main production centers are Cremona, Benevento e San Marco dei Cavoti, even in the province of Benevento, where the tradition is rooted in 1892 and where the Nougat festival is held annually.

Several other areas of Italy, have also a good tradition in the production of this cake in the different variants such as L’Aquila. The main varieties of nougat are the hard and the soft, almond and hazelnut. In L'Aquila nougat was already industrially produced in the nineteenth century, and includes a mixture containing cocoa. Variants include the modern classic nougat covered with chocolate. Then there is a third type of nougat, marzipan with delicate almond paste covered with fine chocolates or fudge icing sugar, but it is not really considered a "nougat."

Created by Andrea Poidomani