The genereric name is Helianthus  and derives from two Greek words "helios” (= sun) and ”anthos” (= flower) since this plant tends to turn her flower to the sun. This plant can be even 2 mt. high and higher than 3 -  mt. too! When the flower mature and become seed, we talk about the sunflower seeds. The colour can be light grey and dark. Its surface is like velvet. Colours and sizes of the sunflower seeds are different: short, medium and long, white, yellow, light grey and black, about 8 – 15 mm. They can be toasted and sold like “snack” in China, Usa and Europe. They can be eaten with salads and can be also pressed to get sunflower oil.

Sunflower seeds are used also like birdseed and rodent food. You can also get oil for engine, to produce biodiesel that is cheaper than other fuels. Pressing remaining are used as food for livestock. Sunflowers also produce latex that is object of studies to be used as the alternative of the hypoallergenic gum.

Created by Andrea Poidomani