Picking Olives

In October olives are ripe enough to be picked but sometimes you must wait until December, it depends on the variety of the olive and according to the region where they are, the weather condition and the picking method you are using. Riper the olive is, higher is the percentage of oil and lower the percentage of water. It is very important that the olives - picking is done in the proper time and by using the proper picking method.

The most known methods are: natural drop; combing; shaking; knocking down with a pole;

The natural drop "CADUTA SPONTANEA" is a very cheap method since you have just to wait for the natural fall into the nets you have laid around each tree. But the olives can drop off when they are too ripe and the oil can be a little bit acid.

The combing "PETTINATURA" it is the most used method. You use some proper rakes to combing olive branches and olives drop off into the nets.

The shaking "SCOLLATURA" is done by using electric shaking small metal arms. This method is stressfull for the tree itself.

The knocking down with a pole "ABBACCHIATURA" is a very ancient method: it is dangerous for the fresh small branches of the tree.

Of course there are modern machines used by men who have hundred and hundred of olive trees!

You must take the olives to the pressing company no later that 1/2 days, in order to

Created by Andrea Poidomani