PANETTONE and its legend

Once there was a poor baker's boy named Toni. On Christmas Eve he had worked hard to knead bread and buns. He was very tired, his back ached but his day was not over yet. He proceeded to knead the bread and in the meantime prepared the end of the long table, eggs, raisins, sugar Christmas cake for the master and his guests. As for himself, he spent a sad Christmas at the bedside of his sick mother. While cutting the shapes, by a clumsy movement, he overthrew the sugar bowl. In an attempt to save the eggs, he found himself crushed with bread soaked in sugar, eggs and raisins. He could but mix all that with his tears of despair that fell upon that large shapes which he cut and began to cook. When the big loaves, soft and fragrant, came out of the oven, the "Pan de Toni" as he once called the master cake, it was doing a roaring trade, the next day when it was sold to the lords of the country. Out of the legend, the official story says that the cake appeared for the first time on the table of Ludovico il Moro at the Sforza Castle, on the Christmas's Day of 1495. That day he took a banquet to celebrate the new power which was given to the Duke by a decree of the Emperor Maximilian. At the end of the banquet it was brought on the table the "panis quidam acinis uvae confectus", bread made ​​with berries and grapes. Duke liked the new cake created by Chef Antonio, and in Milan everyone was able to taste, because with a generous act by Ludovico il Moro, he had distributed the recipe to all chefs. And the bread of Toni was summarily called "PANETTONE".

Created by Andrea Poidomani