Olive trees PRUNING

The Olive tree, European Olea, has its origin in the Mediterranean area. Its small green or black oily fruit that has a bitter taste, can be eaten as a snack or with a meal. Or used in cooking.

Olives are also pressed to make olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil that is well know all over the world for its nutritive value.

The evergreen tree can also be 20 metres high. In Spring Season (April-June) the branches become covered with very small white flowers that will be fruit in a few months. When you see these flowers on the olive trees branches, it means that the branch is at least 1 year old!

Olive trees ask for sunny location, regular plant food and pruning.

As far as the pruning is concerned, it is better to do it at the end of the winter season and before than new frost episodes can occur again. 

First of all you have to give a look at the trunk and study the situation inside the foliage and when it is growing upwards or is too high, it has to be cut off.

When you cut a branch off it has to be very close to its origin point since the surface of the cut has to be smooth and without “noses”.

The second step is to cut the small thinner branches that are usually very long and have a few leaves and cross each other.

The pruning depends also on the shape and height you wish to get in your tree. Anyway the pruning has to be not too forceful and sometimes it’s better to cover the cut with a special paste that protect it from any sort of damage.

Created by Andrea Poidomani