The days of the week

In Italian, the days of the week don't have a capital letter, and they're not often used in the plural. If something happens regularly, you say it happens il lunedì - on Mondays.

For Sunday, it's la domenica. A particular Monday is lunedì on its own:

Allora, lunedì ... Well, on Monday, ...

Lunedì: three aliens called LOU, NED and DEE land in your back garden.

Martedì: You go to Mars to visit MARTY with DEE.

Mercoledì: You travel to Mercury, where you meet a MERman CALLEED DEE.

Giovedì: while heading for Jupiter, your alien companions exclaim: "By JOVE, where's DEE?"

Venerdì: on your way to Venus, you meet another alien, the VENERable DEE.

Sabato: back to Earth, you see a strange animal: it'S A bat! "OH!" says everyone.

Domenica: earth is boring! Best go and visit a church with a DOME, in ANY CAR.



Created by Andrea Poidomani