1/2 liter of milk 4 egg yolks 150 g. sugar coffee, vanille 250 g freash PANNA

Pour half a liter of milk in a saucepan of steel and add vanilla. Cook it at medium heat and ASAP it boils, just remove from heat, cover and let there for 15 minutes. Pour the milk by filtering it, add four egg yolks, add 150 g of sugar and stir vigorously with a whisk. The saucepan has to be immersed in a water bath, at low heat, stirring constantly, cook the cream without letting it boil - for ten minutes. When the cream sailing the spoon remove from water bath, pour into a bowl and let cool, stirring occasionally to prevent the surface to form a hard cuticle. Whip 200 g of fresh cream slightly and add the cold cream little by little, then cover the bowl and keep refrigerated until ready to prepare the ice cream. Pour the mixture into ice cream maker: it will take 25/30 minutes. Mix a couple of tablespoons of instant coffee dissolved in a little hot water first.

Created by Andrea Poidomani