Codice Fiscale

The Italian fiscal code card, officially known as Codice Fiscale, is the tax code card in Italy. It  is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. The card serves to identify, unambiguously for tax purposes, individuals residing in Italy irrespective of residency status.

The number is issued by the Italian tax office - Agenzia delle Entrate. Each person in the past was handed a plastic card with a magnetic strip, bearing the tax code as well as the surname, given name(s), sex, place and province of birth (or country of birth if foreign), date of birth and date of issue. Today, the tax or fiscal code card has been replaced by a combined Italian health insurance card for qualifying residents which shows an expiration date that will be posted directly to your home address.

It is the FIRST step when you wish to buy a property in Italy since it allows you to open the Italian bank to deposit the money you will be using to pay your purchased house during the Notary deed.

Created by Andrea Poidomani