Christmas is on the way

Christmas time starts in Italy on the 8th of December and ends with the Epiphany on the 6th January. In this period, just waiting for the Jesus's birth, markets are held showing numerous decorations, nativity figurines, sweets and gifts. These markets are held in almost all countries and very important are those matched to the market of antiques in Teramo (Abruzzo) and Ascoli Piceno (Marche). It's well known the cribs's exhibition of Nativity scenes, hand-made and placed in the most characteristic medieval village of Civitella del Tronto (TE). Another exhibition of nativity scenes will be staged until the Epiphany, in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). This exhibition will display works from Austria, in particular from Steyr, Garsten and Christkindl. These small cribs, so-called "wardrobe cribs", produced by blacksmiths of the "Iron Road", which during the winter days were building these cribs, enriching them with terracotta figurines. This tradition is very old and many of these cribs, of great artistic value, are kept in churches and in the Shrine of Steyr Christkindl. As for the live nativity remember, those that take place in Giulianova and Colonnella (TE). The Boxing Day at 17:30, takes place in Giulianova the annual edition of the Nativity. The commemoration starts from Piazza del Popolo, Piazza came up to La Marmora, and traces the life of Jesus, from birth to 12 years. 280 actors participate in the representation contained in various roles. Another nativity scene takes place in Colonnella, where you will have the annual Epiphany edition of this historic commemoration. The streets and squares of this ancient medieval village, lit by torches, and with music background, make it a

Created by Andrea Poidomani