Carnevale cake: cicerchiata


Flour "00" 250 gr

Sugar 30 gr

Honey 150 gr

Eggs 4

Yolks 2

Butter 30 gr

Orange peel 2gr, Almonds 15 gr,  Walnuts 15 gr


Directions: Put flour on the kitchen top, sprinkle sugar on it, add softened butter in the middle of the small “mountain”, then add eggs, almonds and walnuts. Mix quickly all the ingredients and make very small balls of it. Fry them in oil. When they are well cooked, dry and not so hot, put them in a different pot, were you have been mixing honey and orange peel. It has not to boil! Mix all together so that the honey is well absorbed by the small balls paste. Put it on the kitchen top and shape them as you like.

Created by Andrea Poidomani