Booking in

Mr and Mrs Wrighte have arrived at the Hotel Blu, where they hve a room with  bathroom (bagno), booked for 3 nights. They booked on the Internet and are hoping everything goes smoothly. Let's see how they get on.

Receptionist: Buona Sera. Good evening.

Mr. Wrighte: Good evening.

Receptionist: Desidera? May I help you? (longer is: in che cosa posso esserle d'aiuto?)

Mr. Wrighte: Una doppia, per favore. (A double bed, please)

Receptionist: Ha la prenotazione? Did you book in?

Mr. Wrighte: Si, si i signori Wrighte. Yes, Mr and Mrs Wrighte.

Receptionist: Wrighte. Per quante notti. Wrighte. How many nights?

Mrs. Wrighte: Tre notti. Three nights.

Receptionist: Con bagno? With bathroom?

Mr. Wrighte: Si, per favore. Yes, please!

Receptionist: Benissimo. Un documento, per favore. Very well, your passport please.

Created by Andrea Poidomani