Al Bar - Italian Beginner LESSON

Al Bar means in the bar. The word bar is the same in English and Italian. Before learning how to ask for bevande drinks and spuntini snacks in a bar, let's start with some really easy Italian words for drinks.


una coca-cola (oo-na ko-ka-ko-la) = a Coke

una birra (oo-na beer-ra) = a beer

un cappuccino (oon kap-poot-chee-no) = a cappuccino

un tè (oon teh) = a tea

un caffè (oon kaf-feh) = a coffee

acqua (vee-no) wine

per favore (perhr fa-vo-reh) = please


In Italy, many people have a breakfast in a bar on their way to work. Most of them have a cappuccino and a croissant. Italians will very rarely ask for a cappuccino after 11 a.m., and never after lunch or dinner!

Created by Andrea Poidomani