Fish soup

Are you asking for a fish soup? In Vasto we call it "brodetto". The ORIGINAL BRODETTO in Vasto has sogliola, merluzzo, cicala o panocchia, triglia, gallinella o testone, cozze nere, vongole, calamari, razza, orata, coda di rospo o rana pescatrice, mormora, mazzancolla


Potatoes Gateau


Potatoes - 1 kg                       

Butter - 100 g.

Ham steak - 100 g.                 

Eggs - no. 2

Mozzarella cheese - no. 1             

Grated Parmesan Cheese - 100 g.

Milk - 100 g.   

Salt and pepper


Are you cold? Hot chocolate for you ...

The hot chocolate is a delicious drink made with chocolate and milk that is consumed mainly during the winter. The cream is the most widely used ingredient that is used to enjoy the chocolate with, but there are many variations: coffee, caramel, coconut ...The hot chocolate has ancient origins.


Chestnut jam


1 kg of chestnuts

350 ml of water

500 g of sugar

2 sticks of vanilla




Insalata Caprese It is one of the most famous salad in Italy - and its name comes from Capri Isle. It is a simple salad, made of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, seasoned with salt, and olive oil.


Apricot jam in July

Ingredients: 1 kg apricot;  350 gr sugar; 3 tbsp of waterDirection: 


Rice salad

It's easy and you need just to mix boiled rice according to the people you are plus thunfish, boiled eggs in small pieces, boiled pies, cheese in small pieces, pickles and flavor at the end with extra virgin olive oil and mayonnaise.



Polenta is a typical recipe in the northern Italy, Valtellina, where the tradition of the polenta is very rich and deeply rooted.


Properties of QUINCE

It's not the famous apple from Snow White, but the fruit dedicated to Venus, and for centuries considered a good omen and fertility, and importamnt in marriage rites.


Time for breakfast

Now it's your turn to order la colazione.


Buongiorno, che cosa desidera da bere?

Good Morning, what would you like to drink?

- una bottiglia d'acqua minerale

- un cappuccino

- un caffelatte



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Created by Andrea Poidomani