Italian Tuition

Will you have a coffee?

Please, will you have a ...

Caffè espresso = classical coffee - in small cup

Caffè in vetro = classical normal coffee - in small glass

Caffè ristretto = typical Italian very short "caffè espresso" - in small cup


What's your name?

Come MI chiamo? = What's MY name?

Come TI chiami? = What's YOUR name?

Come SI chiama? = What's HER/HIS/ITS name?

Come CI chiamiamo? = What's OUR names?

Come VI chiamate? What's YOUR names?

Come SI chiamano? = What's THEIRS names?



How are you?

Hello! How are you? = Ciao! Come stai?

Fine, thank you! = Bene, grazie!

How are you? = Come STAI?


Present tense of the Italian verb STARE

Io sto bene = I'm fine


The article THE


I remeber when the teacher taught me the article THE ... Fantastic ... It was always the same ... male and female, singular and plural ... GREAT!!

But in Italian it is QUITE different and is translated as folllows:


Do you like it?

Ti piace? - Do you like it?


Mi piace studiare italiano!

I like studying Italian!


Ti piace il mio pullover nuovo?

Do you like my new pullover?


Ho preparato i biscotti che ti piacciono tanto!



To buy ...... (1) you go to the .... (2)

1)                                    2)

bread and flour                  bakery

pane e farina                      panificio


milk and cheese                dairy shop


Inspection and surveys

You would employ a geometra for the purpose of inspections and surveys. So it is important to learn the following words:

site visit = sopralluogo

technical survey = perizia

architectural drawings = planimetria


Who is the Notary?

The official appointed to handle a property sale is a public notary (NOTAIO) who in Italy acts for both the vendor and the purchaser.


The 24-hour clock

The 24-hour clock is used more often in Italy than in the UK, for opening times (museums, bars), business hours (offices, shops) and for public transport timetables.


Telephon numbers

In Italy, telephone numbers are usually given in pairs (so 21 35 46 is twenty-one, thirty-five, forty-six).



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